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Friday, 18 October 2019

Express Energy Audit (About & Benefits)

Energy Audit is a periodic exercise carried out once every 2-3 years by Industrial or Manufacturing plants depending on the plant size, Govt. regulations, plant type etc. It definitely results in Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency for the plant by -

  1. Identifying and plugging energy leakages
  2. Adoption of new technology trends such as IIoT (Industry 4.0)
  3. Improving operational efficiencies
  4. Installing new age technical equipment and retrofits
  5. Using alternative and green sources of energy
Energy Audit in progress

The above is carried out in a phase-wise manner with detailed measurements, data collection, team discussions, presentation, RoI & payback calculations. Detailed Energy Audit Report is submitted with all the observed, measured and calculated data along with energy saving recommendations with a payback of typically less than 12 months and in some case more. The obvious benefit of energy audit is cost-saving which consequently results in higher profitability by cost-control.

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It is observed that several times Companies or plants would just like to go for a basic check about Energy Saving and may not necessarily wish to go for a comprehensive Energy Audit in such cases an Express Energy Audit is recommended. It acts as an excellent starting point for Companies which have NEVER undertaken Energy Audit but are interested in Energy Saving. Express Energy Audit is also beneficial for Companies which undertake periodic Energy Audits and just wish to undertake a shortened intermediate exercise for checks and to continue to the momentum of Energy saving within the plant.

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What is an Express Energy Audit?
It is an exercise carried out for a plant to identify energy saving potential of the plant. The audit can last for 2-5 days depending on the plant size and includes -

  1. Walk-through of the facility to for visual inspection of the plant setup and the processes.
  2. Identification of visually identifiable energy saving opportunities.
  3. Discussions with the plant team on the various challenges and opportunities.
  4. Understanding the plant energy consumption (Power, Coal, Diesel, LPG, PNG etc.).
  5. Estimating the total energy saving potential of the plant.
  6. Identifying opportunities for captive rooftop and ground-mount Solar potential in the plant with project sizing.
  7. Evaluating the energy saving measures and projects undertaken since the last detailed energy audit.
(Continued below)

Solar Assessment can be included in Energy Audit

Benefits of Express Energy Audit
Express Energy Audit is beneficial to a plant in more ways than one. Few of the benefits of Express Energy Audit are -

  1. Carried out by the same team of B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors (IIT-B alumnus) & Engineers which carry out detailed Energy Audits.
  2. Helps in continuing the momentum of Energy Optimization within the plant.
  3. 3rd party verification of a recently carried out Energy Audit or recommendations made in a detailed Energy Audit.
  4. Costs a fraction of detailed energy audit but can yield good results (Typically around 1% savings straightaway).
  5. Enables a plant to understand if a detailed energy audit would be beneficial at a particular stage or not.
  6. Is a very good starting point for plants which have never carried out Energy Audit but are interested in energy saving.
To know more you could download a comparative analysis between Energy Audit and Express Energy Audit

Just drop a mail to and we will be glad to answer any queries you may have with regards to Energy Audit or Energy Saving in your plant.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Energy Audit Planning - Things to know !

Energy Audit Planning - Things to know !


Energy Audit is a periodic exercise carried out by Industrial plants and Commercial facilities. This exercise carried out by B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors and Energy Experts can enable a plant to save 8% to 15% on it's Energy Bills by easy-to-implement and difficult-to-identify energy conservation and energy efficiency measures.
Energy Audit in progress

Based on our experience of 500+ Energy Audits (check out our customer list) we can say that every Industrial plant or manufacturing unit certainly has the potential to save energy. This is due to a variety of factors such as 
  1. Ageing plant equipment / machinery.
  2. Emerging and evolving technologies for better resource optimization.
  3. No dedicated plant team or cell to focus on Energy optimization matters.

Cross-domain B.E.E. Certified Energy Audit team from outside the plant (Enerco) brings in a fresh perspective along with experience of similar and varied types of plants.

Generally an Energy Audit is recommended once every 2 years depending on the size and power + energy consumption of a plant. It is also recommended that a walk-through energy audit be carried out in the plant at least once a year. An annual walk-through energy audit ensures that plant is performing at an optimum level and Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency becomes a way of life and not just a one time activity.

Things to know at Energy Audit Planning Stage

If you are planning for Energy Audit then you should know a few things before proceeding for Energy Audit. It will help you save time, money and efforts before making the final decision.

Point 1 : Set realistic expectations
Energy saving potential exists in all types of Industrial plants in utilities, processes etc. However the saving for each plant will differ from the other due to the uniqueness of the plant in terms of sector, age, location, manpower etc.

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Point 2 : Estimate the Energy Saving potential
A team can be setup to estimate the energy saving potential in the plant before actually assigning the task of Energy Audit to an expert agency. This will help in effective communication during Energy Audit and implementation post audit. An external team can also assist with this exercise through Express Energy Audit (next point).

Point 3 : Express Energy Audit - a starting point
Express Energy Audit is about a walk-through energy audit with certain basic measurements and data analysis. It lasts for a few days (2-5 days) depending on the plant size but gives a good insight into the energy saving potential of the plant and also whether a detailed energy audit would be fruitful at this stage or not. To know more about Express Energy Audit visit our site section on Express Energy Audit. Alternatively you may check out our recent blog post about Benefits of Express Energy Audit.

About Express Energy Audit

Point 4 : Brainstorming of plant people
Brainstorming sessions help in identifying improvement points within the plant before going for an energy audit. Ideally cross-functional teams work the best during such sessions.

A good starting point for Energy Audit planning is the Express Energy Audit. This exercise is recommended for a plant -
  1. Which is considering a detailed energy audit but would like to know if the detailed exercise would be useful at this stage.
  2. Which has never carried out energy audit but wants to estimate the energy saving potential.
  3. Interested in Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency but does not know where to begin.
You can also download the FREE comparative analysis between Energy Audit and Express Energy Audit from our website section on Whitepapers and Case-Studies. Alternatively contact us to know more about how we could partner with your Company and assist you in saving energy NOW !

Enerco Energy Solutions LLP is India's most experienced Energy Consulting Company with a dedicated team of B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors (IIT-B Alumnus), Energy Managers, Engineers and Solar Energy Experts. We can be reached on our website - by mail on by phone / whatsapp on +91 9890737447.