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Monday, 29 August 2016

Energy Audit - Is it the right time for your plant?

Energy Audit - Is it the right time for your plant?

Energy Audit is a periodic exercise undertaken by a plant to assess it's energy consumption and identify opportunities for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. It also helps a plant personnel in modernizing the plant inline with new technology solutions.

The question is why is it periodic and not a one-time activity. The answer lies in the dynamic nature of manufacturing industry - both internal and external. With the advancement in technology there are better and more energy efficient ways to carry out the same activity. For eg. use of higher efficiency equipment such as Compressors or motors or Boilers. By use of contemporary solutions a company could ensure more bang for the buck. A plant which stays in the status quo mode with the belief that it's performing at it's best would soon witness oblivion.

Additionally a plant undergoes modifications over a period of time which may impact it's energy balance thereby presenting newer opportunities for deployment of Energy Efficiency practices. Modifications may include enhancement of capacity, new product addition, introduction of new equipment or replacement of old or worn out equipment etc.

Increasing competition from the Global and new Local competitors should be one of the major driving forces to achieve optimum energy levels. It is no surprise that plants across the Globe are striving to achieve optimum cost of production to stay ahead of the competition. Energy is indeed one of the most expensive resources which can significantly impact the production cost - both positively and negatively. Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation should be viewed as a strategic tool to achieve competitive edge.

To understand if this is the right time for your plant to go for Energy Audit we have prepared a check-list. The answers to this checklist would give you a fair idea if Energy Audit is recommended for your plant or not. This is particularly important if you are expecting significant energy saving from the Energy Audit. There are cases wherein a plant carries out Energy Audit to cross-check or verify their correctness of operations as well.

If you are still not sure, you may go for EXPRESS Energy Audit. More details about the same can be found in our blog post - Express Energy Audit and it's benefits.

In any case it would be worthwhile for you to get this FREE analysis done. Simply send a mail to and we will guide you to the next steps.

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In the Energy Efficiency space we have carried out assignments for highly reputed Clients from Steel, Cement, Thermal Power Plants, Chemical, Pharma, Glass Manufacturing, FMCG etc.

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Friday, 24 February 2012

What is Energy Audit Report?

Energy Audit Report is a Comprehensive report which is submitted at the end of the Energy Audit. It generally covers up all the phases of Energy Audit including Walk-through Energy Audit, Preliminary Data Analysis, Detailed Energy Audit, Detailed Data Analysis, Savings Calculations and Recommendations.

In case of Industrial Energy Audit it is imperative to study and analyze the data in advance before carrying out actual Energy Audit by site visit.

It consists of various aspects of Energy including :

  • Non-technical aspects such as Energy Consumption Pattern, Billing Details, Metering and Monitoring Systems, Trends etc.
  • Technicalities about Electrical Utilities beginning with Transformers, Motors, Distribution Systems, Compressors, Blowers, Pumps, Fans etc.
  • Technicalities about Thermal Utilities including Boilers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers etc.
  • Mechanical Analysis of Utilities such as Blower, Compressor, Pump - Performance, Efficiency Analysis, Process requirement etc.
  • Power Quality Study and Analysis (Harmonics, Sag, Swell, Flicker etc.)
  • Industry and Sector Bench marking.
  • Saving recommendations with appropriate Observations and Calculations.
  • Vendor List for Recommendations

This is a general content of a Energy Audit Report. The actual content may vary from Industry to Industry. Needless to say an Energy Audit Report should contain necessary graphs, tables and calculations which support the recommendations.

[For first timers or beginners - the Energy Audit Checklist will prove beneficial.]