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ISO 50001 : 2011 Energy Management Systems Overview & Benefits

ISO 50001 : 2011 Energy Management Systems Overview & Benefits

ISO 50001 : 2011 Energy Management Systems was released by International Organization for Standardization in June 2011. It specifies a standard for improving energy efficiency of an Organization by achieving continual improvement in it's energy usage.

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ISO 50001 offers a systematic approach for Energy management within an Organization. While Energy Audit which is certainly beneficial to a single unit or plant or office in saving energy, the ISO 50001 framework works across the Organization. It may still be required to audit individual plants or facilities as part of the policy framework developed for an Organization.

It provides a framework of requirements for Organizations to :
  1. Develop a policy to improve energy efficiency
  2. Set targets and objectives
  3. Carry out energy audit
  4. Measure results
  5. Review policy
  6. Ensure continual improvement in energy efficiency
In the present scenario where the energy costs are at an all time high ISO 50001 provides the necessary approach path to achieve energy conservation and energy efficiency goals of a Company in a systematic manner. It offers a blueprint for energy management policy and a universal process that can be applied across Organization including factories, offices, commercial facilities etc.

Energy Efficiency by ISO 50001 Energy Management System

The most important aspect of ISO 50001 is continuous improvement in energy efficiency through Action => Data collection => Data Analysis => Further Action. Energy Audit forms a critical part of the ISO 50001 framework implementation as it calls for performance review at critical points and enables a strong feedback based system. It may be noted that it is advisable for a plant to undergo an Energy Audit at periodic interval for achieving optimum level of energy usage.

The benefits of ISO 50001 to an Organization are as follows :
  1. Ensure optimum energy usage and thereby reduce cost across its manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses etc.
  2. Improve its competitiveness by ensuring optimum cost of production as energy forms a sizable part of input cost.
  3. Improve it's image by projecting itself as an environmental conscious Company.
  4. Ensures uniformity in approach and better output through individual contribution for Energy Efficiency.
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  1. This is simple and nice concept to understand and followup by people of industries and offices

    1. Dear Sir,

      Yes, the concept is very easy to understand.

      The best part of ISO 50001 is the formation of core-group within the Organization which ensures continual improvements in energy conservation. It is beneficial to Industrial plants, Commercial complexes, offices etc.

      Thanks !


    1. Dear Sir,

      Yes you are right.

      In fact many reputed Organizations are planning to go for ISO 50001. This is because globally various Customers demand that their vendors be ISO 50001 certified.

      From an Organization point-of-view it is highly beneficial as well., as can be seen above.


  3. Nice !

    Could you enlist the steps that an Organization needs to take for getting ISO 50001 Certified?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      ISO 50001 is a step towards energy conservation and energy efficiency in a very systematic manner and it helps a Company to continually improve on it's energy optimization.

      ISO 50001 is carried out in a phase-wise manner and the actual steps would depend on various factors. You will need to hire a ISO 50001 consulting company for various steps which are broadly listed below :

      1. Survey of Existing system with identification of areas of deficiencies.
      2. Formation of core group within your Company.
      3. Preparation of ISO 50001 Manual, SoPs and Forms.
      4. Awareness and Training session of Core-group members.
      5. Training of internal auditors for improvements and corrective actions.
      6. Energy Audit
      7. Carry out internal audits and management reviews.
      8. Pre-assessment verification checklist.
      9. Final audit checklist and preparation.

      Each of the above steps consist of sub-steps and it may take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to prepare a Company for ISO 50001 certification.

      We sincerely hope your query has been answered., if not please feel free to comment with further queries and we will be happy to assist.

      If you are interested in getting ISO 50001 certification for your Company, you may kindly contact us by mail on and we will be happy to guide you through the next steps.

      Thank you again.

  4. We understand that ISO 50001 is required for ongoing and continual improvements on the Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency front.

    Ours is a fertilizer plant and we are interested to get ISO 50001 certified in 2015.

    How can we proceed to avail your expertise and consulting services in this regard? What details would you require from us?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chetan Shah

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We undertake comprehensive consulting for ISO 50001 energy management system.

      We will guide you through all the steps required from concept to certification including training, forming core team, preparing ISO 50001 manuals, setting energy saving targets, identifying gaps, energy audit, carrying out preliminary certification audit, assisting with pre-certification audit formalities etc.

      We need certain basic details about your plant before quoting. We therefore request you to kindly send across your enquiry to and we will promptly reply to you with our quote.

      Thanking you !

  5. How does ISO 50001 differ from EN 16001? Mainly because both are related to Energy Efficiency.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Interesting question, indeed.

      ISO 50001 has some distinct advantages over EN 16001 mainly -
      1. Scope of ISO 50001 is continual improvements in energy consumption, energy efficiency and energy performance while EN 160001 is mainly about energy efficiency alone.

      2. ISO 50001 includes new definition for boundaries, energy baseline, energy management etc. which were absent in EN 16001.

      3. Top management has a bigger role to play in ISO 50001 which was absent in EN 16001.

      4. ISO 50001 requires a new document for energy planning process which is absent in EN 16001.

      5. Energy Performance Indicators is a clause in ISO 50001 which is about indicating the progress achieved in terms of overall improvements in energy efficiency, energy conservation and energy consumption.

      6. ISO 50001 has stricter norms for a statement of method for achieving energy goals as well as verification of the same.

      There are several other improvements and add-ons which are certainly towards the betterment of the entire standard.

      For any more queries, you may directly drop us a mail on info [@] econserve [dot] in

      Thanking you.

  6. What are the benefits of ISO 50001 over Energy Audit?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Energy Audit is the starting point of identifying energy saving potential in a plant or commercial facility. The general process is carrying out several measurements, discussions, data collection (historical and real-time) to identify areas for energy conservation and energy efficiency.

      ISO 50001 is a standard defined for improving overall energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy consumption. Energy Audit forms a part of ISO 50001 and maybe carried out as a preparation for ISO 50001 certification.

      Both the exercises have their own benefits and each Company may choose the best which fits into it's strategic goals.

      We will be happy to assist you further in explaining what may work best for your Company.

      Enerco Energy Solutions LLP

  7. Hello Sir / Madam,

    We are planning for ISO 50001 certification. Please update on your services and scope of work for taking this assignment.

    R. M. Shankar

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We provide complete Techno-Commercial consulting for ISO 50001 including -
      1. Training - Basic & Core-Team
      2. Preparation of Manuals - all levels
      3. Assisting your team with all the aspects of ISO 50001
      4. Carrying out pre-certification audit and checks
      5. Energy Audit (if its a part of the scope)

      The above is carried out in a phase-wise manner over a period of 2-3 months depending on the size of your Organization.

      Please drop us a mail with your enquiry on info [@] econserve [dot] in

      Thanking you again !