Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Energy Audit - How much energy can your plant save?

Energy Audit is an important Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency exercise carried out annually or biennially by Industrial plants and Commercial facilities. The obvious reason for a plant to go for an Energy Audit is the saving of energy through Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency measures. This saving translates into monetary saving and hence can have a direct impact on profitability of a Company. It is also an obvious step towards sustainability.

Although Energy Audit in itself can result in saving of Energy the recommendations made post complete survey, study and analysis as part of Energy Audit results in far more savings. The typical savings for a plant can range from 7% to 15% or more, the savings vary from plant to plant as there are various factors that can impact the same :
  1. Age and type of the plant.
  2. Time since last energy audit.
  3. Plant load composition.
  4. Modifications in the plant.
  5. Energy saving measures undertaken.
  6. Plant / Company Policies.
  7. Types of fuel used in the Plant.
  8. Energy billing type.
  9. Plant location.
And many such factors.

There is, thus no specific answer, as to how much energy a plant could save post an Energy Audit. An estimate could certainly be provided and in all cases, based on our experience with various Clients across India and overseas, Energy Audit could prove to be useful and economically viable. This is especially true in the present day scenario when Energy costs are ever-rising and are expected to rise further.

If you are still not sure the best approach is to go for Express Energy Audit which would help you in estimating the energy saving potential of your plant. You may then decide whether to go for a detailed or Comprehensive Energy Audit post the express energy audit.

Enerco Energy Solutions LLP has been at the forefront of advising Industrial Plants on Green Energy initiatives such as Energy Optimization, Energy Audit, Solar Power, PV Solar etc. If you wish to carry out Energy Audit of your plant please send us the details in the Energy Audit Questionnaire.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to estimate Energy Saving possible in the plant before carrying out Energy Audit?

    Nitin Sawhney

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It is possible to estimate the energy saving possible before carrying out Energy Audit. The estimate could be given for each area i.e. Electrical, Oil, Coal etc. However please note that this is only an estimate and can vary at the conclusion of exercise.

      This estimate can enable a plant to decide whether an Energy Audit would result in the expected savings in the plant. You may then decide to appropriately plan the Energy Audit.

      To know the expected saving in your plant through Energy Audit, please download our questionnaire from this link - http://econserve.in/services/energy_audit

      On this page there is a link (under section Request for a Quote) from where you may download our Energy Audit Questionnaire.

      For any further queries, please feel free to write in to us on info [@] econserve [dot] in

      Thank you again.