Friday, 24 February 2012

What is Energy Audit Report?

Energy Audit Report is a Comprehensive report which is submitted at the end of the Energy Audit. It generally covers up all the phases of Energy Audit including Walk-through Energy Audit, Preliminary Data Analysis, Detailed Energy Audit, Detailed Data Analysis, Savings Calculations and Recommendations.

In case of Industrial Energy Audit it is imperative to study and analyze the data in advance before carrying out actual Energy Audit by site visit.

It consists of various aspects of Energy including :

  • Non-technical aspects such as Energy Consumption Pattern, Billing Details, Metering and Monitoring Systems, Trends etc.
  • Technicalities about Electrical Utilities beginning with Transformers, Motors, Distribution Systems, Compressors, Blowers, Pumps, Fans etc.
  • Technicalities about Thermal Utilities including Boilers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers etc.
  • Mechanical Analysis of Utilities such as Blower, Compressor, Pump - Performance, Efficiency Analysis, Process requirement etc.
  • Power Quality Study and Analysis (Harmonics, Sag, Swell, Flicker etc.)
  • Industry and Sector Bench marking.
  • Saving recommendations with appropriate Observations and Calculations.
  • Vendor List for Recommendations

This is a general content of a Energy Audit Report. The actual content may vary from Industry to Industry. Needless to say an Energy Audit Report should contain necessary graphs, tables and calculations which support the recommendations.

[For first timers or beginners - the Energy Audit Checklist will prove beneficial.]

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