Thursday, 8 December 2011

New Age Industrial Energy Audit

Conventionally Energy Audit has been more about Demand Side Management i.e. improvement on Load Side to result in Energy Conservation and enhance Energy Efficiency of the Plant or Facility. However with recent developments and interest in Captive Power Generation Energy - Industrial Audit will not and should not only focus on Demand Side Management but also on Power Generation especially from Green Sources like Solar Energy.

In general Energy Audit as a concept has been more concerned with improvements in existing setup and also a part of it including in retrofits which in most likely scenarios will be additional equipment being installed or replacing outdated plant equipment. There is an interesting shift especially by the Industries in exploring the option for Captive Power generation especially through Green Energy Sources such as Solar Energy.

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Industrial Clients are now interested in a more holistic approach to the Energy Solutions and hence look at possible alternative energy. It also makes lot of Commercial Sense to have a Power Portfolio with the right kind of Power Mix. It is quite evident that in such a scenario - Photo Voltaic Solar will play a crucial role in Captive Power Generation thereby reducing some dependence on Grid Power - in whatever small way possible.

Referring to the context in Indian Industries an Energy Audit should adopt a very systematic approach. Primary purpose of Energy Audit is to explore areas and opportunities for Energy Conservation and Energy  Efficiency. However an Energy Audit in itself may save Energy as mentioned in the recent post (Does Energy Audit really save Energy?). Energy Audit should primarily consist of :
  • Detailed understanding and study of existing system and setup and devising ways and means to reduce Specific Power Consumption.
  • Analysis of Power Consumption Trend and suggesting measures for improvement in the same and stabilizing the consumption.
  • Identifying the Present Power Portfolio and Designing the Ideal Power Mix.
  • Exploring possibility of Greener and More Efficient Fuel Alternatives.
  • Identifying Opportunities for Renewable Power Sources - based on Geography.
  • Follow Up visits to ensure that Recommendations schedule is adhered to.
  • Training Session to create awareness regarding Emerging Technologies in Renewtech and EE & EC.

From an Industrial point of view Energy Audits should look at more of a comprehensive approach than just as a starting point of reducing Production Cost. Energy Audit Checklist generally forms a good basis for Energy Auditors to carry out Energy Audit.

In the Global context Industries are focusing more on reducing their carbon footprint - necessitated by Governing Environmental Laws. Strict enforcement of such laws postulates that Industrial Energy Audit goes a step beyond the conventional approach and adopts newer technologies for not only Demand Side Management but also for Green Power Generation.

With increased environmental awareness the pressure on Industries is mounting to reduce their Carbon footprint by adopting Greener Methods wherever possible. In such as Scenario Energy Audit would play a crucial role in offering Industries a Comprehensive Approach towards a Greener Plant. Most Frequently asked Questions on Solar Energy can be found on our Post - Solar Energy FAQs.

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