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What is Energy Audit?

                                                    What is Energy Audit

We frequently encounter this question - What is an Energy Audit? Energy Audit is a complex technical assessment of present energy consumption of an Industrial Unit or a Commercial Facility or a Community Complex for the purpose of reduction in wasteful consumption and improvement in efficiency. Reduction in wasteful consumption is done by implementing energy conservation technologies. Improvement in energy efficiency can be done either through operational improvements, implementation of retrofit solutions etc.

Objectives of Energy Audit (Why Energy Audit)
  • Accumulating data at various energy points
  • Identifying energy losses and critical junctions
  • Enabling energy conservation and cost savings
  • Understanding overall efficiency and suggesting improvements.
  • Recommendations of Solutions to achieve Energy Optimization.

The Methodology (How Energy Audit)
  • Analyzing the performance of each equipment by Certified B.E.E. Experts using most advanced instruments and equipment
  • Collating the parameter data with benchmarks
  • Manifesting and implementing corrective measures

What does Energy Audit Cover (Scope of Energy Audit)
  • All operations, processes, products and departments in the organization
  • All forms of energy – specifically electrical + thermal
  • Operational efficiency of equipment like diesel generator sets, turbo generator sets and utilization of power from the electricity supply authority
  • Evaluation of different components of the electrical network like transformers, lighting, motors, capacitors and the distribution network
  • Study of utility equipment like air compressors, fans, pumps, blowers, air-conditioning and refrigeration, evaporative cooling, cooling towers, boilers, furnaces, thermal fluid heaters

What are the various phases of Enerco Energy Audit

Although there are various phases of an Energy Audit most of the firms in India rely only on Onsite Phase i.e. Measurement phase. However we at Enerco Energy Solutions LLP offer a Comprehensive package as part of Energy Audit which we refer to as Energy Optimization Exercise which consists of :

The visits are customized depending on Plant size, type, energy trend, consumption pattern etc. The customized package for a plant is prepared after the data captured in the Energy Audit Questionnaire is furnished by the Client. The Questionnaire link is given above.

What does Energy Audit lead to (Outcome of Energy Audit)
  • Energy balance
  • Heat and mass balance
  • Establishing specific energy consumption
  • Identifying opportunities for energy efficiency

 What does Energy Audit help achieve ?
  • Compliance with Government regulations
  • Lower energy costs
  • Enable faster recovery of investments
  • Achieve better performance and lower downtime
  • Enhanced power quality and productivity
  • Reduced emission levels
  • Improved Age of Equipment and complete system
  • Reducing Global Warming
There are some startling and interesting Facts about how Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency can help us overcome the Power Problems.

Areas of Energy Audit
  • Industrial Units – Manufacturing Units – Steel, Metal, Ceramic, Cement, Chemicals, Edible Oil, Fertilizer, Paper, Textiles etc., Processing Units, Foundries, Cold Storages etc. and several other similar units definitely benefit from an Energy Audit.

  • Commercial Facilities Corporate Houses, Offices, Educational Institutes, Multi-Storeyed Complexes, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Airports etc. definitely benefit from an Energy Audit.

Types of Energy Audit
  • Thermal Energy Audit: energy balancing, waste heat recovery, thermal control systems and energy savings study
  • Electrical Energy Audit: distribution system study, energy balancing, power factor study, electrical loads, loss estimation, and methods for loss elimination
  • Energy Intensive Equipment Study
  • Power Quality Analysis

For any further information on Energy Audit or Energy Optimization Exercise you may contact us. We have an excellent experience in Energy Audit across various diverse Industries including Steel, Cement, Thermal Power Plant, Chemical, FMCG, Edible Oil etc. Contact Details below.

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